At Christmas time in French households, most families have a tin of home baked biscuits de Noël ready for offering their guests and visitors. So, as gite owners, we thought this would be a perfect gesture for our guests! So we decided to set about making our own contribution to this tradition.

We found a recipe we liked and tried it out. The results were delightfully moreish!

biscuits de NoëlThe biscuits were thin, crisp, and delicately buttery with just a whisper of cinnamon; the recipe is simple, but the taste and texture is delicious and makes you close your eyes and think of Santa scoffing them down on Christmas Eve!

We found it on the internet with a lovely story about childhood friends who had baked and shared these biscuits together for decades.

It is an easy recipe, which was altered only marginally, lowering the sugar a little, adding a dash of salt, and replacing a tablespoon of rum with a tablespoon of vanilla extract. The dough needs to rest overnight for the flavours to develop, and then you just roll it it out reasonably thinly, cutting shapes, we recommend gingerbread style men and then bake.

Leave them to cool and then get the Christmas tunes on before Icing them delicately with spots of Christmas colour…get the kids to help …they will love this task! Then eat and enjoy!

Bon appetit!

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