We love your feedback and if it is do-able, we always act upon it!

One thing we have done consistently since we started our gite business is to listen to our visitors.

Last year, guests staying at ‘La Cognac’ informed us they would prefer to gain access to the bathroom, via the main downstairs bedroom, alternative to the existing setup, so we fitted an internal wood door to make this possible and it actually works really well!

Another guest suggested a direct access door to the play barn and pool, which avoids having to walk around the garden to go to these areas. We thought this was a great idea, so voila!…..the very door was fitted in early spring and is ready for this season, complete with an optional curtain to pull over for privacy if / when required.

We read and carefully consider everything our guests write on their feedback forms, as we are passionate about their experience here and we want to keep improving our holiday offering, to make it as perfect as we possibly can.

This is the joy and hopefully the advantage to you, our guests, that our business is also our home and we treat it as such, with love and pride.

We hope this comes across in the condition and presentation of our gites and all the areas our visitors have access to throughout their stay.

We are always on hand for help, advice, or information at any time, prior to, during or after your holiday here at Les Vieilles Ombres.

For Bookings and Enquiries, Please Contact Les Vieilles Ombres
Telephone: 05 46 32 52 60