We are delighted to see our nearest coastal port, La Rochelle has featured in this year’s thelocal.fr in their guide to the 15 most romantic locations to visit in France this winter. And we wholeheartedly agree with their choice!

Known for its distinctive limestone facades, La Rochelle is without a doubt, one of France’s most stunning cities!

 most romantic locations to visit in FranceAppropriately named La Ville Blanche (the White City), La Rochelle boasts some beautiful Renaissance architecture and iconic harbour fortresses, one of which dates back to the 13th century, when the city was one of the greatest ports for the Atlantic; its still a fishing and trading point for the South West region today, but its main industry is now tourism, due to its sheer beauty.

There are plenty of reminders of its maritime heritage: scattered lighthouses, harbour towers, museums displaying artefacts of its seafaring past and the biggest aquarium in France.

We make regular visits to the City, to stroll under the arcades of the Rue de Palais, walk along the fabulous marina, through the city’s French arcaded walkways, and admire the mediaeval half-timbered houses. With a reputation for seafood there are so many fabulous restaurants to eat at and fresh food market stalls to visit ….there is literally so much to explore here.

If you fancy a short break to experience the highlights of this top rated destination, we can certainly advise and recommend some ‘must see’ trips in and around La Rochelle, which is just 45 minutes away from our estate. Contact us for more info.

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