Although the Caribbean and other exotic places are associated more with diving experiences, there is much to be seen closer to home. The father of modern scuba diving, Bordeaux born, Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed the first independent regulator, the ‘Aqualung’, in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, France is considered the birthplace of scuba diving.

There are fabulous dive sites located all along the French coastline of over 5400 km of sandy beach, marshes, mud flats and rocky shores.

Most of the cave diving in South West France takes place in the Dordogne/Lot regions, which have a system of lime stone river valleys, where hundreds of caves and cave paintings have been found. Many offer crystal clear visibility, which is ideal for scuba diving, however Charente Maritime is noted more for its age old oyster and mussel diving.

children’s introduction to scuba diving

children’s introduction to scuba diving

Diving is a great adventure for adults, teens and children, but preparation is key to making this sport safe and accessible. For this reason, first exposure to diving equipment is recommended to take place in a swimming pool, where newcomers to the sport can be safely supervised. There’s no documentary in the world that can capture the majesty and thrill of actually coming face to face with something you’d previously only watched Sir David Attenborough describe.

Many people are interested, but a little dubious, unsure if they want to make the investment, in terms of time and money and are also uncertain about how they will react, or whether they would enjoy it. For these reasons, taking part in an “introduction to scuba diving” is the best way to find out.

At Les Vieilles Ombres, we offer exactly that. Our instructor is PADI course director qualified with 48 years experience, so you can rest assured your family are getting the very best training possible. Children can start off with the BUBBLE MAKER, which is a great introducer for the younger diver. We offer various experiences, suitable for all age groups, including the option to start your PADI OPEN WATER COURSE (age 12+)

Why not start your diving adventure with us? Your child’s first scuba dive will be captured by us with an underwater camera and we’ll provide you with these ‘memory box’ snaps to take home with you.

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