We are welcoming a lovely sunny day here in France, as the Easter weekend arrives. Sunshine comes early in Charentes Maritime, as this beautiful region benefits from the highest number of annual hours of sunshine in France! If you love the sun, why not consider booking a holiday in South West France this year?

It’s capital city, La Rochelle, enjoys approx 2250 hours of sunshine a year, a level that is only exceeded in France by the Mediterranean coastal strip.

Thanks to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, flowering trees and spring’s first buds tend to burst into life in early March, well before most other areas of the country.

The climate is warm but not stifling thanks to gentle onshore breezes, beaches along this part of the Atlantic coast. Holidaymakers won’t suffer from the oppressive heat that can send them desperately in search of shade in the middle of the day along the Med beaches. The breeze, tides and waves make for a more interesting seaside experience too, especially for families with children.

It is in summer that the region’s coastal strip is a particularly sunny area. The land behind the coast being very flat and largely un-wooded, clouds do not start to build up until much further inland.

Due to the mild climate, many tropical plants grow luxuriantly in gardens and parks on the west coastal areas. Between the rolling hills of the Charente countryside, it’s beautiful beaches, scattered stunning islands and an array of picture perfect towns and villages, this region is a relatively undiscovered jewel in France’s crown, (well undiscovered by us Brits anyway.)

So, the bottom line is, if you fancy a change to the med, still with plenty of sunshine this summer, this region has lots of it!😎

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